The survey "Russian through foreigners' eyes"
Dear member of the academic meeting! We ask you to answer the survey questions. Please, choose the answers that are the most proper to your opinion. If there is no proper answer among the answer options, choose the "other" option and write your answer near it. Good luck!
1. Which language is your native?
2. Where have you learnt Russian?
3. Rate your level of Russian language proficiency. Choose one of the answers in each line.
а) listening
б) speaking
в) reading
г) writing
4. Do you watch any TV-shows or films in Russian?
5. Do you read in Russian?
6. What do you read in Russian?
7. What books did you read in Russian during the last year? Write a name of a book or an author’s name.
8. How long do you speak Russian during a day in average?
9. In which situation do you speak Russian?
10. Which complications do you have when learn Russian?
11. What do you need Russian for?
12. Which supplementary tools help you to learn Russian?
13. Which subjects about learning of Russian would be useful for you as a part of masterclasses?
14. Which knowledge are the most significant for successful communication in Russian, in your opinion?